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Stay with me (Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson)

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Stay with me (Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson) Empty Stay with me (Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson)

Mensaje por zim-michelle el Vie 30 Sep 2016, 7:46 pm

I hope you guys like this short imagine. In my opinion, it's very cute!!!  Stay with me (Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson) 3098243176 Stay with me (Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson) 2686721104 Stay with me (Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson) 2686721104 Too bad is a shot one!!!!  :sad: But enjoy the little imagine I created!  :lula: :lula: :lula:

Imagine Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson
            Louis took a deep breath, because he was tired. Tired of always having to explain that he is okay and to pretend he is having fun with a bunch of people who are part of his new group of friends. Truth was that he wanted to be alone. He wished to be alone. Everyone else just bothered him. Maybe if Zayn Malik had the latest Play Station game he would have stayed, but for now… he wished to leave. And without telling anyone, he pulls the door knob and left. Louis mind was full of Harry Style. He couldn’t get enough; his beautiful eyes, nose and his smooth lips. Louis blushes as he remembers the night that Harry kissed him. The same night Harry told him he had to leave for a solo tour. He couldn’t understand or at least didn’t want to understand why Harry would leave him, after telling him he likes him. He was frustrated that he didn’t had the courage to kiss him before, hug him or touch his hand more. Instead it was Harry who took initiative. And Louis hated that. He hated every minute of it. It was like Styles felt that he had to, because Tomlinson was too afraid of getting rejected. They were on top of the roof, of course Harry had schedule it in the previous hour. Everything was so last minute with him. That made Tomlinson smile in the dark. He had a black thick coat, jeans and boots. He cursed inside for not bringing a scarf. Niall Horan was playing with it, and eventually broke it days before Harry left. What bothered the most to Tomlinson was that everyone knew about Harry’s contract. Everyone was telling him to stay for the sake of Styles. And even though Louis was the only one who told him to leave; he missed him and slept sniffing his old shirts that had a bit of Harry. It was snowing, and Louis was just stepping off the curb. He heard in the near distance a motorcycle roar and looks in shock by how fast it was travelling. Then recovers himself as the motorcycle stops just a few inches before him.
“Learn to drive, jackass!”
The motorcycle stops and the driver puts the break on. Stepping out of the vehicle, he takes off his helmet and the sweet smile Louis had missed for weeks appeared again. Louis was speechless. What can he possibly say? For him Harry looked gorgeous and it was nerve-racking. He felt so unprepared for his sudden visit. His breathing was slower and deeper. Meanwhile his heart beating was much faster and he felt like having a heart attack.
“Harry.” That’s all he could say. And it wasn’t even audible enough for Harry’s ears.
“What are you doing in the middle of the street?” Harry said playfully. “I could have run you over.”
“Pretty funny,” Louis rolled his eyes, but smiled widely. Then he remembered that Harry had left him and would probably do it again soon. He clears his throat, his Adam apple noticeable. “What are you doing here?” His voice was not like he wished to be, but it had to do.
“I bought you a present.”
Tomlinson was shocked. “A present?” he echoed. “You drove in the middle of the night for a gift?”
“I didn’t want you to catch a cold,” Harry smiled shyly.
“You could have mailed it to me.” Tomlinson said coldly.
“I- I wanted to make sure your warm.” Style’s eyes twitched and he looks for his bag. It was a white scarf. Harry had a green coat and black jeans. He gets closer to Louis and smooth his hair behind his ear, although it was too short for that sort of thing. Tomlinson was completely red to his ears and only could make a sound of relieve.  “Louis, I-”
Louis kissed him. Like he should have that night in the roof. Like he should have done many times before, but was stupid not to.
Harry’s toes curled and touched his lips. He felt bad for leaving Louis behind. He felt bad for letting his anger out when Tomlinson dismissed him. When he told Styles’ that it was okay for him to leave, that he would be fine with his absent. He grabs the scarf and wraps it around Louis’s neck.
 “I- wanted to come back home. It’s not the same without you.” Harry said.
“I never wanted you to leave.” Louis said without thinking, and feeling guilty right after. He told himself that he shouldn’t have said anything. That is not right to control his life. That Harry had to make his own decisions and he shouldn’t have interfere, even if it hurt him. Especially if it hurt him.
Harry was struggling to make words to answer that statement. Louis had admitted that he missed him, and didn’t wanted him to leave. That he never wanted Harry to leave to begin with.
“Then tell me to stay.” Harry closed his eyes and with his thumb touched Louis’s cheek. He kissed him slowly. He was done teasing him. This was new for the both of them. Louis was resisting to moan softly, but failed. Harry took the opportunity to pull him closer and enter his tongue into Louis’s mouth; playfully sucking Tomlinson’s tongue, biting his bottom lip and starting all over. The end of Louis’s chin was starting to drool. Louis finally closed his eyes and got carried away by their passion.
Both of them were breathless. And Louis tried to recompose himself. He wipes their drool and furrowed his eyebrows. His eyes were teary and curses under his breath. “Stay with me.” He said. “Always.” Louis’s didn’t care anymore if he sounded selfish. He waited long enough for Harry.
“Always.” Harry echoed, and kissed Louis’s forehead.
Maybe it wasn’t a terrible night after all, Louis thought.

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