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Just saying... :)

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Just saying... :)

Mensaje por zim-michelle el Sáb 28 Jul 2012, 5:16 pm

Theme: Just saying

I'm Bu' :D

I hope you guys like it I kinda suck at writting.

I want to scream but like always no one will hear me.
I’m inside of a television where you can control me.
Theirs a remote where you can put mute & theirs a button where it plays.
I just hope they press “Stop”.
Because I’m tired of living this life.
Or at least “Fast forward” so we can just chase to the ending.
Or even “Delete” so I wont suffered & no one can see it. –By Bu.

It’s not easy to be brave you know?
It’s not like in the movies that only takes a couple of minutes.
You don’t find bravery, bravery finds you.
If you are brave, you are strong & capable of resisting anything.
But if your not strong your just not that brave. – Bu

You can have hundreds of tattoos but they are not permanent what is permanent it’s the decision you make because you can’t go back & choose again. Sure you can try to fix them but you can’t erase the errors you committed. –By Bu’.

People make fun of others without knowing their story just their name.
You don’t know someone just by knowing that.
Plus people can never judge others because their not perfect either.
Were all humans. – By Bu’.

Just being me, I love to be myself.
Sometimes I get scared of what others may think & I try to act cool.
But the truth is I don’t like to act cool; I like too act dorky in front of my friends,
I like to tell lame jokes & get staring faces while I laugh really loud, I like too dress like what ever I feel like, I like to be me.
That’s all so that’s who I’m going to be. - By Bu.

Have you ever had the feeling the feeling that you don’t deserve someone?
That no matter what your friends does or says. There is a voice inside your head telling you: “You’re not enough”. And you look in the mirror and say: “His right; he will never love me”. – By Bu’

Dear One Direction…
I want too hear you sing in real life. I want too eat everything with forks like & with Liam Payne. I want too look in the mirrors for hours without even caring with Zayn Malik. I want too eat food all the time & not caring if I get fat with Niall Horan. I want too eat carrots for snacks with Louis Tomlinson. I want too hit
Harry Styles every time he does something stupid with Louis Tomlinson. I want too eat cookies & milk instead of getting drunk with Liam Payne. I want too eat a taco & think that makes me powerful with Harry Styles. I want to make fun of
Zayn Malik hair doo with Niall Horan. I want too scream that I’m a fan so everyone can hear me. I want too drink apple juice with Harry Styles. I want too get 72 cats with Harry Styles. I want too bother Paul when he is trying to be serious & do some work. I want too do the One Direction dance. I want too make crazy videos with One Direction. I want too go on twit cam with them before they do a concert. I want too sing with One Direction even do I suck at it. I want too touch Harry Styles perfect curls for an eternity. I want too ask to stangers: Vas happening? With Zayn Malik. I want too listen to their new songs in person. I want too see how it’s like to be a One Direction member. I want too be friends with One Direction. I want to be a One Direction fan forever! – Bu’

Sometimes the truth those suck’s.
Because it comes out of the mouth you least expected.
They’re always a friend that tries to hurt you.
No matter how much he says: “I care about you”.
Most of the time is a big lie. - By Bu’.

Time… Is something that we all want, don’t we?
Time too make mistakes, apologize to the person you love,
too say good bye, too meet new people, too fool around, too
have experience of everything … But it’s their still time to think
about your mistakes? Too make them right like there is supposed to?
Or you just have time to get drunk & do stupid things?
No. I didn’t think so. - By Bu’.

Love we hear that word almost every single day but it doesn’t have the right definition. Love is a beautiful thing but most of the time people just confused it by making out. Love is not complicated what makes it complicated is when your trying too be together. Not letting anything coming your way. You can read hundreds of books or get hundreds of advice but you will never know what love is until it comes after you. So stop looking & start living. Eventually it will come. –Bu’

When you have a friend it can be fun to hang out with.
Because you can be dorky around that person,
be yourself no matter what, you can say that you’re
okay when that person perfectly knows your not. That you don’t have to send a text message first because that person already sends you on. That is true friendship. - By Bu’.

My parents need to understand my limits. That sometimes I mess up but that I always try to fix them. That I’m not perfect but they aren’t either. That I know they care about me & want the best for me but their “constructive critics” aren’t constructive at all. That I just put my headphones so I won’t have to listen to the same thing every day. I know what to do in my life & I know who I am. I just don’t tell you because you might criticize it. –By Bu’.

I need a guy that its willing too fights for me till the end.
That he doesn’t care how long it takes & that he will love me just the way I am.
That no matter what I do or who are my friends he will treat me special. That when I hug him in his arms I feel safe. That he will protect me, treat me right like it’s supposed to be, that when he smiles at me I feel like he never smiled at another girl like that… That he gets butterfly’s at his stomach when his around me. That when I need to cry he would just hug me & let me cry at his shoulder. That doesn’t matter what happens he will never surrender. That he won’t let anyone hurt me. I don’t need a boy or a man. I need My Superman. – By Bu’.

When you have friends that truly cares about you they will always be their no matter what. Because that’s what friends are for. Supporting you at every decision, trying to make you feel better when your sad or to listen. – By Bu’.

When someone tells you that he haves a crush on you that person just want to explore. When someone tells you that he loves you but act like is not a big deal that person is lying. When you always start the conversation it means that person doesn’t care if you’re okay. If you tell too someone that you’re okay even do your not; & he tells you you’re not it means that he really care and knows you too well. If someone truly loves you he doesn’t have too tell you that you already can feel it. - By Bu’.

Espero que les haya gustado :D

Última edición por zim-michelle el Sáb 28 Jul 2012, 5:20 pm, editado 1 vez (Razón : Quiero saber si soy buena en escribir :\)

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